We create innovative programs to meet most needs and budgets by mixing and matching the skills of our consultants. DRD consultants work at both the organizational and individual level to improve quality and financial performance.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” ~ a quote attributed to Albert Einstein that guides the development of DRD’s innovative customized programs. We align the skills of our consultants with the priorities of our clients, meeting client objectives in the simplest most cost effective way. DRD consultants work at the organizational and individual level to improve quality and financial performance. An early focus on identifying and eliminating waste, coincident with implementing business growth strategies, can often provide an early ROI for DRD clients.

For professional clients with educational requirements, DRD often partners with its clients to deliver accredited programs, typically in the areas of leadership development, business development, team building, or quality management/performance improvement.


Accredited CLE provider

DRD became an accredited NJ CLE provider in January 2013. Since then, we have provided a variety of CLE accredited programs in both substantive legal(criminal) and legal practice management(leadership development, strategic planning, ethics of emergency preparedness). We are able to design and deliver customized programs based on the needs of a particular client or audience group.

Executive Coaching

Coaching typically focuses on practice professional leadership. It integrates well with group programs such as a book club or leadership.
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Leadership Development

The DRD Leadership Development Program typically includes a standardized 9 session curriculum. Specialized curricula available for legal and medical clients

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Strategic Planning

A Strategic Plan typically involves 1-3 sessions geared towards defining the vision, values and mission of the organization followed by an implementation plan.
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Marketing Services

Marketing Services include practice branding and a full range of options designed to work with your strategic plan and maximize your return on investment.
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Technology Services

Programs to assess your practice’s technology need, develop a gap analysis and appropriate action plans. Examples include electronic medical record implementation for medical and custom case management solutions for legal offices.

Is time management a problem?
Do you procrastinate or produce?

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“The course not only challenged me and motivated me to become a better leader, but has given me the tools to do so.”

Rick Lyons, Pastor