Leadership Development

Individual Mentoring Component


  • Develop the general and interpersonal leadership skills of physicians identified by the client as in need of these services.
  • Improve intra and interoffice dynamics .
  • Enhance the ability of selected physician leaders to deal with relevant issues, including communication, feedback, conflict resolution and time management.

Program Design

  • Regular sessions between the client identified physician(s) and DRD consultant/coach
  • Meeting content may be predetermined or decided real-time based on client needs
  • Phone and email consultation between sessions as requested by participant
    • Phone consultation is unscheduled, brief and relates to a specific concern
    • If more complex assistance is required , participant has the option of moving up a scheduled appointment or scheduling an additional session
  • Ongoing communication between DRD and client designee
    • To evaluate progress
    • To define targeted needs
  • 360 evaluation for participant -optional add on
    • Typically recommended to begin at some time between 3 and 6 month mark of program
    • Alternate timing may be proposed based on specific participant needs


  • Client will develop increased skills in
    • Communication
    • Feedback
    • Conflict resolution
    • Teamwork
    • Time management
    • Other areas as mutually agreed upon


  • Participant formal and informal performance reviews
    • As assessed by supervisor, coworkers and client leadership
  • HR documentation (of applicable)
  • Follow up 360 assessment
    • If the program continues beyond 1 year
  • Participant satisfaction with the program
  • Client leadership satisfaction with the program


  • Specific to client identified needs